Titanium, by the high requirements in the aircraft construction interesting materials become finds also within other ranges, like increasingly in the automotive industry, engine haven, building of bicycles, medical technology and in the industry in meaning.

The advantages are apart from the pointed-moderate optics the corrosion resistance, a very high tensile strength and small weight with a density of approx. 4.4 g/cm ² (approx. 42% more easily than steel) and thus the ideal material for highest requirements.

The used material corresponds to DIN material NR. 3.7165
Ti6AI4V (6% aluminum., 4% vanadium, remainder titanium) and has the following physical characteristics:
Tensile strength: 930 - 1000 N/mm ²
Apparent yielding point: 865 - 1150 N/mm ²

The threads are implemented in principle in the roll procedure.
(Except for completely few exceptions, like e.g. DIN 912/M2-M3)

We supply also threaded rods, round material, pipes and sheet metals.

All prices, if not differently indicated in titanium nature.
Highly polished, blue or gold 15% anodize surcharge.

With special productions we are the correct partner.
We manufacture after sample or design.