High strength aluminum and titanium bolts are pre dominantly used in aircraft and space technology and find increasing applications in other areas.

Apart from outstanding optics and high corrosion resistance, low weight (Aluminumbolts -70%, titanium -40% lower than steel) and great tensile strenght are advantages, not only in the motorsport area.

JÄGER Schrauben produces aluminum bolts, in various bolthead configurations, from high tensile aircraft aluminum 7075-T6,
high gloss anodized in red, blue, violet, gold, silver, black, green and orange. (see technical info.).

All bolts are manufactured here in NRW on CNC machines (apart from bolts in the "transparent anodized" color) an also anodized in NRW.

Jäger Schrauben bolts therefore are of outstanding quality and perfect finish.

The titanium bolts are manufactured according to our drawings in the high-strength alloy Ti-6AI-4V.

We are the right partner, should you need bespoke parts in aluminium or titanium. We manufacture against drawings or sample. 

We can anodize aluminium components for you (not all alualloys can be anodized).

We carry motorbike/bicycle components from wellknow manufacturers. Send us a mail or call us, we will make you an offer.

Aluminium bolts must not be used for fasting safety relevant vehicle components such as brakes, steering and other highly stressed components.

All prices are including VAT

Green and orange are special colors and carry a 10% surcharge.

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