Titan (Ti6Al4V) - TCK nature

Titan (Ti6Al4V) - TCK nature
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Products description

similar to ISO 4762 / alt DIN 912

rolled thread

Tensile strength:
930 - 1000 N/mm ²

Spanner size:
M4 = SW (Spanner size) 3,

M5 = SW4, M6 = SW5
M7 = SW6, M8 = SW6
M10 = SW8, M12 = SW10

Head diameter:
M4 = 7 mm, M5 = 8,5 mm
M5-S = 7,9 mm
M6 = 10 mm, M7 = 12 mm
M8 = 13 mm, M10 = 16 mm
M12 = 18 mm

head hight:
M3 = 3 mm
M4 = 4 mm
M5 = 5 mm 
M6 = 6 mm 
M7 = 8 mm
M8 = 8 mm
M10 = 10 mm
M12 = 12 mm

All listed prices per piece in Titan nature.
Titan we offer in the following color variations:
polished (15% surcharge)
polished and blue anodized (15% surcharge)
polished and gold anodized (15% surcharge)
polished and black DLC coated (15% surcharge + 3,50€)
polished and gold titanium nitride coated (TiN) (15% surcharge + 2,50€)
These can you found under this Link
[ click here ]

We polishing and anodizing the titanium products themselves, so that these are available from stock.
The DLC and TiN coating can be externally we perform, here is a delivery time of approximately 4-8 weeks is restarted.

Other dimensions on request

Cut of the screws from a lenght of approximately 35mm are possibile.
Cut per screw 1,79 Euro surcharge.
The thread for the screws is so long, that is usually no problem,  to manufacture any other measure.
Specifically request otherwise. No exchange!

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