Bolt-Kit Motorbike HONDA CBF 600 / S '08-

Bolt-Kit Motorbike HONDA CBF 600 / S 08-
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Bolt set
bolt head
petrol cap set
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Products description

high tensile aluminum 7075
aircraft application

Tensile strength:
540 - 600 N/mm²
CNC made by Jäger Schrauben
rolled thread (from diameter M5 to M10)

Kit A:
consisting of screws for:
Ku - Ri - Li - Wa
quantity screws: 29

Kit B:
consisting of screws for:
Ku - Ri - Li - Wa - Ölw
quantity screws: 41

Each bolt kit is obviously a detailed installation instructions.
Please specify that we deliver the bolt kit with cylindrical head (TCI) or conical head (TCK).
Fairing bolts are delivered than allen cheese-head screw (TRL).
The screws please basically greasing with bolt-paste.

Green and Orange 10% surcharge.
Bolt-Kits A and B also available with TSS head. 25% surcharge.
Petrol-cap kits are generally delivered with cylindrical head (TCI).

An = starter
Dk = cover
Ka = cover gimbal
Ku = cover clutch
Kuz = clutch master zylinder
Li = generator
Ölp = oil pump
Ölw = oil pan
Ri = pinion lid
Wa = water pump
rechts = right
links = left
Zündung = ignition
Verkleidung = fairing
Rahmen = frame
Verkleidungsscheibe = screen 
Schnellverschlüsse = quick release fastener

Orange is new in our programe. We do not have any experience on UV resistance.
We therefore cannot take responsibility for possibile color changes.
All other colors are UV resistent.

Bolt-Kit Motorbike HONDA CBF 600 / S 08-
Bolt-Kit Motorbike HONDA CBF 600 / S 08-
Bolt-Kit Motorbike HONDA CBF 600 / S 08-

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